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Squash Ball Machine
Squashball machine 3.jpg
Pay2Play are the NZ Agents for the Squash Hurricane


  • Quick:  [1kmph to 145+kmp]

  • Flexible & Portable and user friendly 

  • Safe & Universal 18 Volt Power Supply 

  • Remotely controlled 24 ball feeder with fully adjustable ball drop speed

  • Affordable NZD 1,800.00 (includes Battery & Charger)

The machine uses two18 volt motors that are designed for speed and durability, the speed of the machine will be 0 to 145KPH+


The Clear feeder tube holds 25 Balls and the feeder drop speed can be set from 2 seconds to 30 seconds by the turn of a knob, the feeder is activated via a wireless key fob, there is also an LED which lights when the feeder is active. 

Mobility & Weight

The machine and battery along with its stand and tube weighs only 4.5kgs and with simple hand adjusters it take minimal effort to change direction settings


Learn & practice your shots, replicate all the feeds you need to improve your drives, drops, volleys, boasts & serve returns, Ideal for beginners to advanced solo or group sessions


The machine measures 91cm / 91cm / 91cm and will fit into a good sized kit bag.

If requested the feeder tube come in 2 parts so this can also fit within the bag


The machine does not heat the balls but works really well without this function 

Single Blue dot - Ideal as it reacts in a similar way to a warm double yellow spot ball. Works well from cold.

Single Red dot - Very good reaction from cold and again similar to a warm double yellow sport ball. Works well from cold.

Single Yellow dot & Double Yellow dot - Unless the court and air temperature is very high these balls do not reach the performance of the single blue and red dots

Single White dot - A bit too slow and often dies quickly after hitting the wall or floor. It can be used to keep the user alert as mixing it with other balls above means the pupil has to watch very carefully as the balls over different delivery speeds rather like a game would do.


The basic engineering of the machine has been tried and tested on the worldwide market place for over a decade, we have spent the time and money to ensure the product is safe, robust and reliable

Back up

All machines come with a 12 month warranty and if ever needed beyond the warranty all spare parts & technical assistance are readily available

Power Source

The machines power requirement is a M18 battery that is the worlds most popular drill battery available to NZ customers but  

Please note  we cannot send battery’s to Non NZ address's.

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