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THREE new features now LIVE!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

You asked and we listened!

We are excited to announce that we have launched three new features this month, all based on your feedback. If you have a suggestion of a feature that would be valuable to our users, please email us at 


Discount Vouchers

You can now offer vouchers in the form of discount codes for your club or venue.

You asked us to create the ability to offer discounts so you can use platforms such as Grab One to promote your club or venue, so we have!

Pay2Play’s Vouchers features allow administrators to create discount codes which apply a percentage and/or a set value of discount at the payment stage of booking. The system automatically generates a unique code to share with the intended user(s).

You can limit the number of times a code can be used and set an expiry date. Voucher codes can also be edited or deleted.

Require Acceptance of Venue Ts & Cs

Pay2Play has always offered clubs and venues the opportunity to include a link to your terms and conditions for membership and the use of the venue. We have now made this a stronger feature within the booking process by requiring those joining or a guest booking a court to tick they have read and accepted the Ts & Cs before the system will progress this request.

To activate this feature, all you need to do is have a URL loaded in your Venue Details. (Manage Venues / Edit Details – copy and paste the URL (starting with http://www) in the Terms and Conditions field).

Booking Confirmations

You can now choose to provide a booking confirmation via email.

We’ve heard that some of you would like to have a booking confirmation emailed to members once they have completed the booking process. You can now choose to enable this feature, which will provide them with an email record of the date, time and facility they have booked, and also includes a link to add the booking to their electronic calendar.

This is now an option you can enable in your venue settings. (Manage Venues / Edit Details – tick box at the bottom of the page).


Remember if you need guidance on using any feature on the Pay2Play system, you can download quick guides and our full administration guide at

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