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Pay2Play has a range of cost-effective solutions to help your club or venue grow its membership, reduce costs, and make administration easier.

Solutions: Online Booking

Online booking & payments

Pay2Play’s secure platform offers booking, payment and access features for both members and casual users.

When combined with keyless access, members and non-members simply use a unique door code to enter the building, and when paired with our lighting control system, the lights will only be on when a court or facility is in use.

Member access

Simple access management

With Pay2Play's easy door code access system, members are issued with a custom entry code which can be activated or deactivated by your club administrator. No need for a manned front desk, or the liability of keys and tags.  Administrators can also block out member-only booking periods, such as peak use times, Tournaments, Events, Interclub etc...

Free Offer


Use the Pay2Play Booking and Membership Management .System free of charge. 

The offer excludes the use of our Keyless Access and Lighting Controller.

There is  no obligation to upgrade at anytime.

This is a free offer with no strings attached!


Casual booking, payment and access

Casual users generate valuable revenue, and many go on to become members.

Capture the casual player or travelling sports enthusiast with casual bookings through Pay2Play. Non-members can search for your venue, book a court and pay online in one simple process. They’ll receive a single-use door or gate access code to access your facility using Pay2Play’s keyless controlled access, along with information on how to find your club and any special rules and instructions.  You can determine what periods are available for casual players to book, ensuring your members get first priority in high-demand time slots. Combined with our lighting control system, there are no hassles with finding switches or lights left on.  The online booking site also provides a link to allow casual players to request a membership, helping you convert casual players to members.

Coach and class bookings

Let your members view availability and book online.

Pay2Play offers clubs, facilities, coaches and studios the ability to load classes, coaching sessions or seminars to the online platform, streamlining the booking and payment process.

Additional communication and management help coaches and trainers better manage their business.

Event registration and payment

No more paper entries

Block out courts, take event registrations and payments online with Pay2Play.  Pay2Play's event system lets you create recurring events, control venue access, and automate lighting to meet the needs of each event.

Solutions: Member Mngmt

Membership management

Admin made easy.

New memberships

Making joining easy.

Pay2Play makes it simple for new members to join your club or facility, through a simple link on your website. Prospective members simply complete the online form which can be customised to suit your information needs.  The electronic form is submitted to your Club Administrator to either accept or decline the request within the membership management system.

Payment options

Give your members the flexibility to choose how and when they pay their fees.

Pay2Play’s software fully automates payments with payment options including monthly payments or a one-off payment annually using either their credit card or bank account.

Automated membership reminders and renewals

Pay2Play makes membership renewals easy with memberships automatically rolled over for the next season.  

Not only does automating this task provide a significant saving on administration time, but it also improves revenue flows by reducing outstanding fees, and makes the renewal process seamless for your members.  Manual payments can still be taken and recorded in the system.

Solutions: Venue Mngmt

Venue management

No lost keys or lights left on

Keyless controlled access

No more keys, tags or swipe cards.

Every member has their own personal key code which can be activated or deactivated at the click of a button by the facility administrator. Pay2Play generates a unique code with automatic expiry periods to suit casual players through the booking platform.  Because codes can be deactivated after a set period, access is more tightly managed, improving both security and the promptness of membership renewals.

Automated lighting control

Let there be light, but only when it’s needed.

Keep the power bill under control using Pay2Play’s lighting control system which automates lighting of single courts or facilities based on bookings made on the Pay2Play online booking platform. No hunting for light switches or lights left on long after the last player leaves.

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